Why Lead?

Here are what some FOP Leaders have to say about their experience:

Jackie Ho '19

Leading FOP taught me that I can overcome challenges I didn't think were possible. It taught me more about myself and my leadership abilities, and brought me into a community of passionate and caring people. Apply to FOP! You won't regret it.

Liz Roux '19

You don't need to be outdoorsy or touchy-feely to be a FOP leader. You need to be a good person - invested in others, caring and thinking deeply about the world and its people, and down to both have fun and grow. Only then can you facilitate these experiences for first-years.

Layla Kousari '19

Before FOP I never slept outdoors but now I love FOP and all it has to offer (which surprisingly is much more than sleeping outside). FOP has made me question the very way I interact with other people, view the world, and manage my life. Leading FOP has given me leadership skills and perspectives that have bled into all aspects of my world. And as a bonus I now get to call some of the best people on this campus my friends! Join FOP!!!!!!!!!!

Hannah Barbash-Taylor '21

My experiences as a FOPper and as a leader have been by far the most valuable of my Harvard career. Before training, I always shied away from leadership rolls, believing I was incapable of directing a group of people, but through FOP I have gained a new confidence in my abilities as a leader inside and outside the woods. My own leaders are two of the most competent, brave and inspiring people I have met at this school and it has been an honor to share a leadership community with them.

Marcy Park '19

Gaining confidence outdoors gave me confidence in so many other parts of my life, including friendships and how to spend my time at Harvard!

Jacob Meyerson '19

Lead FOP to:

  • Be a part of a program that helps to facilitate a truly meaningful (and fun) introduction to Harvard
  • Be your best self so that you can help incoming first-years be theirs
  • Surround yourself with some of the most wonderful and kind people on Harvard's campus

Q Okine '19

Being a FOP leader is easily one of my favorite experiences that I've had at Harvard. It has helped me develop my leadership skills so that I can step up when I need to. It has also connected me to so many people that are so important to me.

Meaghan Townsend '21

Applying to lead FOP was the best decision I made freshman year. There is no better use of your time. Build positive experiences, make friends, do good, grow as a person - what's not to love





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