Cost & Financial Aid


In 2020, FOP will be free for all FOPpers!




In 2019, the cost for FOP was$460.  FOP matches the percentage of aid participants receive from the University. Financial aid amounts are distributed on a rolling basis, shortly after registrations are received.


The charge for FOP appears on students' August term bill. Any student receiving financial aid for FOP will also see a credit for the aid amount on that term bill. At this time, we cannot accept payment by credit card or check.

Refund Policy

As the summer progresses, the costs to us of students who drop out of the program increase steadily. We buy food, arrange equipment, and purchase permits, and it becomes increasingly hard to fill vacant spots from the waitlist. To cover our costs, we have instituted the following policy:

If you drop out... will be responsible for x% of the program fee.
Before July 1 0%
July 1 to August 1 25%
After August 1 50%

Exceptions to this policy may be made in extraordinary circumstances (e.g., illness, family emergency) jointly by the Program Director and the Dean of Students.

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