Harvard first opened its enduring doors in 1636; unfortunately, its founders allotted very little storage space, and FOP suffers from their nearsightedness to this day. Every FOPper is limited to one small bag of stored items - usually a clean change of clothes, various shower essentials, and some sheets for the evening you return. We have no special storage space for valuables; your things will be stored in a small basement to which other people have access.

But you want to go to college with more than just one bag. How do you do it?

The Parent Trap

If they're flying, have your parents bring heavy stuff in their checked baggage, so long as each bag weighs less than 50 lbs to avoid exorbitant oversize baggage fees. If they're driving, stuff everything in their car. There are two main options for when your parents arrive with stuff:

  • Pre-FOP: If your parents drop you off the day you begin FOP, you can try storing stuff with a friend or a roommate who happens to live in the Boston area.

  • Post-FOP: If your parents arrive the day after you return from FOP, move-in day, you don't have to worry about storage. You also don't have to worry about moving in all by yourself. Needless to say, this option is the easiest for you.

Ship 'til You Drop

In mid-August you can start sending packages and mail to your Harvard Yard Mail Center address, where it will securely await you after FOP. There are multiple options for shipping, so be sure to get quotes from several carriers (e.g. DHL, UPS, USPS, and CollegeBoxes), as different carriers can be more or less expensive depending on from where you're shipping.

Less is More

Lots of things can be bought in Cambridge: toothpaste, trashcans, bed sheets, shoe racks, food, bicycles, and stereos, to name but a few. Stores abound in the vicinity of Harvard Square, and computers bought through Harvard even get a discount!

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