Applicant FAQs

Do I need to have gone on FOP to be a leader?  Definitely not! Each year we select and train many new leaders who did not go on FOP themselves.  We are always excited to have FOP leaders who come from outside the program because they bring new insights and ideas. 

Do I need outdoors experience to lead FOP?  Not at all! That's what training is for. Our goal is to have everyone ready and excited to lead a 6 day backpacking trip, regardless of the outdoor experience each person brings to the program. Get psyched to explore the outdoors and hike some sweet peaks!

I am a junior; is it too late to apply to lead FOP?  Nope! We are so excited to have you, even if it is only for one year! It's always great to see the experience and awareness y'all bring to your trips. 

Are there any fees associated with leading FOP, and do I need to own all the gear myself? We've got you covered! FOP coveres all the training costs, including a Wilderness First Aid certificaiton. On top of that, we have all the gear you could possibly need for rental at no cost!

Who should I contact with questions about the application process? We have two different resources for you. If you want to talk about your applicaiton specifically, talk to one of our application mentors! They are great people and are super excited to give you advice. If you have logistical questions, especially around training requirements and expectatons, email Steering Committee (SC) at and they will help you out!

I applied last year and was rejected. Should I still reapply this year? Most definitely! Every year we take many leaders who applied previously. The extra year is often beneficial to applicants because of the initial leadership opportunties and growth that prevents itself in that timeframe. If being a FOP leader is something you really want, seriously consider reapplying. We know all the leaders who were accepted after being rejected first are happy they did!