Announcing the 2021 FOP Leader Training Class!

February 23, 2021

We are pleased to annouce the 2021 FOP Leader Training Class. Congratulations to all of these fantastic applicants! We are excited to add their energy, perspectives, and skills to the FOP leader community. Over the next few months, we hope they will grow their leadership skills and prepare to lead welcoming, safe, and fun trips for this year's FOPpers.

Contact Steering Committe by email or attend one of our office hours with questions or comments! 

FOP Love


Class of 2022:

Danielle Eisenman

Emin Berker

Isabelle Bastian

John Tucker

Yasmin Lutrha


Class of 2023:

Aaron Chen

Ana Humphrey

Anastasiia Antiukhina

Audrey Ory

Cammy Garabian

Charlotte Orcutt

Christopher Dolce

Demya Toogood

Elizabeth Paglione

Emmanuel Ramirez

Ian Espy

Jania Tumey

Jasper Goodman

Jim Diamondidis

Jonathan D'Souza

Lana Reeves

Lisa Wang 

Maia Alberts

Max Serrano-Wu

Michael Chen

Nathan Zhao

Rohil Badkundri

Sophie Haugen


Class of 2024:

Alexy Carolan

Allanah Rolph

Binney Huffman

Breda Page Violette

Cormac McIntosh

Ella Bradford

Emma Salafsky

Ezra Feder

Jack Brister

Klara Kuemmerle

Lauren Wattendorf

Martha Denton

Neil Katzman

Nick Nocita

Nicki Bugliosi

Olisaneme Okonkwo

Rachel Mehler 

Shiv Chandra