Announcing the 2019 Training Trip Leaders

April 2, 2019

We are excited to announce this year's training trip leaders. Please join us in congratulating them and thanking them for their commitment to advancing the leadership development of our FOP leader trainees. We are confident that this group of people will create educational, meaningful, fun, and safe trips.


This year's Training Trip leaders will be:

Switch Trips

Catie Barr, Cam Cohen, and Olenka Jain

Jon Hamilton and Eliza Scharfstein

Backpacking and Service

Conlan Olson, Lilla Gabrieli, and Olivia Tai

Kier Zimmerman and TJ Hazen

Rick Li, Audrey Sheehy, and Ethan Kahn

Gabrielle Fernandopulle and Matt Ontiveros

Beth Larcom and Karina Walter

Kal Wang and Samuel Zwickel