Denny & Haley

This page is dedicated to the memory of two beloved FOP leaders who had an enormous impact on the FOP program and FOP community. The loss of a beloved friend is never easy, but losing individuals with such potential to enrich others' lives is particularly difficult. Denny and Haley both embraced life fully and left a lasting impression on those they met. Their compassion and enthusiasm are well remembered and sorely missed. With their passing, we are reminded of the fragility of the lives we cherish. We, their friends, look to them for inspiration in all our endeavors and relationships.

Denny and Haley touched the lives of those around them and will always be in our hearts and memories. To Denny and Haley: FOP salutes your work and memory!

Ogden "Denny" Lewis III

After the news of Denny's accident, a group of his friends met in Straus Common Room to share stories and memories of Denny. Friend after friend told stories of his kindness and thoughtfulness. One of his former FOPpers spoke about how Denny had shown up at his room on his birthday and taken him out for a sandwich. Another recounted the story of how Denny had taken him to UHS when he was ill and had stayed with him all night.

Haley Surti

The summer of Haley's passing, friends held a memorial service in which they shared their fond memories of Haley. They spoke of her incredible, contagious energy and her love of life. Her skit during FOP of 2000 has gone down in history: Haley, dressed in a long, blond wig and 70's garb and Jay, sporting an Afro and bellbottoms, called down their FOP group with a revised version of the Brady Bunch song.

The FOP Dance

The FOP dance has been developed cumulatively over twelve years. Each year, a new move that represents a song, dance, or FOP memory is added to the dance. Some of the earliest moves added to the dance include a reference to Olivia Newton John during a pre-FOP Grease craze and an enthusiastic parent who exclaimed, "But wait, do you love it here?" in a thick Brooklyn accent.

In the summer of 1997, Denny brought the Banana Dance to FOP. This fun and ridiculous dance caught on quickly and a piece of it was added to the FOP dance. The Banana Dance is still a favorite among leaders and FOPpers, and is taught on almost every FOP trip.

The Haley Dance is a step dance that Haley taught to many FOP leaders during the fall of 2000. The dance caught on among the leaders and during the fall of 2001 every FOP leader learned and danced the Haley Dance on the landing in front of Memorial Church in her memory. Later that week it was added to the FOP dance.

FOP Gear and Equipment

Among the FOP community, Denny was well known for being the kind of leader on a FOP trip who was constantly repairing backpacks, fixing stoves, and giving his own warm clothing to FOPpers that looked cold. Denny’s attention to the needs of FOPpers has continued through the generous donation by his parents, Ogden and Susan Lewis, of all of Denny's outdoor gear. For many falls to come, a FOPper or two will be using great gear that will keep them warm and dry in the wilderness.

This tangible reminder of Denny in the form of his own equipment gave us the idea of remembering Denny and Haley through gear. Good equipment including sleeping bags, backpacks, warm layers, and raingear that is available for loan allows FOPpers who are unable to buy their own gear to participate in FOP. Over the last two years, FOP has dramatically increased the amount of gear it has to loan to FOPpers, replacing much of the worn-out gear that has been used by FOP participants going back through the years. We remember Denny and Haley with this gear and we lend it in the spirit of these two leaders.

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