Lead FOP!

Leading FOP in August was an incredible experience, and we cannot wait to welcome a new class of trainees! If you're at all interested in leading FOP, browse around the site for more information, come to our office hours, or send us an email. You don't need to have gone on FOP or need any outdoor experience to apply!

The application is now live and here in PDF format for viewing prior to online submission, and is due at 11:59 PM on December 10. Applicants should keep in mind that their two outside evaluations are not, in fact, traditional letters of recommendation. Evaluators will fill out a series of questions online. It may be worth informing your evaluators of this early on so they do not spend time writing a typical letter of recommendation!

Wintersession Wilderness First Responder Course

Do you spend time in the outdoors and want to be prepared to handle medical emergencies? This Wintersession, FOP will be sponsoring a Wilderness First Responder Course on Harvard's campus. This 80-hour intensive course will train participants to treat hypothermia, heat injuries, burns, sprains and strains, and more in a wilderness setting. With a skilled instructor from SOLO, participants are sure to emerge as confident, comfortable, and competent practitioners of wilderness medicine. For more information or to reserve your spot, click here.