Training Trip Leaders 2018

March 5, 2018

The Steering Committee of the First-Year Outdoor Program is delighted to announce the 2018 training trip leaders. We are excited about their desire to guide and mentor our newly selected leader trainees as they continue their training process. This year, Steering Committee plans on sending out six backpacking training trips and two switch-canoe training trips.

Training trip leaders will have the opportunity to face new challenges, learn from their peers, and create new communities in the outdoors. In this way, training trips offer current leaders the opportunity to grow their own leadership skills, as well as impart wisdom to the next generation of FOP leaders.

Training trip leaders will be responsible for managing an eight-day experience in the backcountry. During this time, leaders implement a curriculum on technical and interpersonal skills, teach FOP’s central values, and review the policies and procedures that allow trips to be safe and successful. Training trip leaders will evaluate their trainees over the course of the trip, and ultimately make a recommendation to Steering Committee as to whether each trainee will lead in the fall.

Training Trip Leaders

Catie Barr, Matt Ontiveros, and Q Okine (Backpacking)

Eric Chin and Jeanine Zheng (Backpacking)

Jack Deschler, Will Maddock, and Kalena Wang (Backpacking)

Noah Fanous and Marcy Park (Backpacking)

Adam Hirschhorn, Liz Roux, and Kenton Shimozaki (Backpacking)

Layla Kousari, Isa Lapuerta, and Katie Schluntz (Backpacking)

Camille DeSisto, Amie Garcia, and Lizzie Keeley (Switch)

Ben Kruteck and Sarah Welsh (Switch)