FOP Leader Trainee Class of 2018

February 21, 2018

The Steering Committee of the First-Year Outdoor Program is excited to announce the FOP Leader Trainee Class of 2018. We are thrilled to welcome our newest leader trainees into the FOP leader community and to prepare them to lead trips that will impact the lives of first-years, providing incoming students with an experience that promotes the development of social support and self-awareness.

Over the past 40 years, many generations of Harvard students have found their time as a FOP leader to be a memorable and meaningful part of their time at Harvard College. The Steering Committee hopes the newest cohort of FOP leaders will continue to grow their leadership skills, forge new bonds as guides and mentors for first-year students, and build long-lasting connections as members of the FOP leader community.

Leader Trainees

Alexandra Norris ’21
Andrew Aoyama ’21
Clarke Patrone ’21
Conlan Olson ’21
Gabriel Wadford ’21
Gabrielle Fernandopulle ’21
Hannah Barbash-Taylor ’21
Harrison Miller ’21
Kai McNamee ’21
Karina Walter ’21
Laura Wilson ’21
Lauren Fadiman ’21
Lila Williams ’21
Luke Heitman ’21
Lyle Seeligson ’21
Meaghan Townsend ’21
Natalie Margulies ’21
Olivia Tai ’21
Paloma O’Connor ’21
Rick Li ’21
Sam Lincoln ’21
Samuel Zwickel ’21
Sophia Mautz ’21
Tom McCarthy ’21
Tomasz Maciak ’21
Veronika Melnik ’21
Wildman Schubert Reed ’21

Adam Harper ’20
Audrey Sheehy ’20
Beth Larcom ’20
Cameron Cohen ’20
Carter Kendig ’20
Chad Borgman ’20
Charlie Colt-Simonds ’20
Chloe Li ’20
Ethan Khan ’20
Julia Henry ’20
Julia Bunte-Mein ’20
Lilla Gabrieli ’20
Olenka Jain ’20
Quinn Evangelakos ’20
Shelly Tsirulik ’20
Teddy Sevilla ’20
TJ Hazen ’20
William Rhatigan ’20
Zach Altshuler ’20

Aidan Connaughton ’19
Cooper Bryan ’19
Harrison Satcher ’19
Jackie Ho ’19
Kayla Hollingsworth ’19
Leah Doherty ’19
Molly Leavens ’19
Molly Wieringa ’19
Samantha Acker ’19