Announcing Steering Committee 2019

October 10, 2018

Dear Leaders,

The Steering Committee Selection Council is delighted to announce the members of Steering Committee 2019 for the First-Year Outdoor Program. For the next year, the program will be led by the following individuals:

Gabrielle Fernandopulle ’21
Jon Hamilton ’20
Beth Larcom ’20
Rick Li ’21
Conlan Olson ’21
Kal Wang ’20
Kier Zimmerman ’19–’20

The members of Steering Committee were chosen for the individual experiences, qualities, and skills that they would bring to leading the program, along with consideration about how they would function in the group as whole. Each of them has articulated a clear vision for the future of the program, has demonstrated a commitment to FOP, and they all share in the belief that FOP has room to grow. We have tremendous faith in them to lead the program forward.

Since the 1980s, when the current form of Steering Committee took shape, FOP has been a student-driven program led by the members of Steering Committee, and it is a proud tradition we continue to this day. The members of Steering Committee are the program officers responsible for selecting and training new leaders, planning and organizing trips, and managing the administration of the program throughout the academic year.

FOP is at a moment of transition as we begin the search for our new director. As the hiring process progresses in the coming months, we hope Steering Committee 2019 will take this opportunity to push the program in innovative directions while maintaining a commitment to the mission and core values of our program. We have much faith that they will do this well.

We hope you will join us in celebrating the new leadership of our program as they take on this incredible commitment. May their clear skies outnumber cloudy days and may they have the faith and support of the Leader Community.


Catie Barr, Chair
Will Maddock, Chair
Noah Fanous
Ben Kruteck
Will Li
Q Okine
Kenton Shimozaki
Delaney Tevis
Jeanine Zheng
Coz Teplitz, Director
Steering Committee Selection Council ’18