WFR Course

We are proud to offer a Wilderness First Responder (WFR) course during Wintersession in every year.   WFR is the recognized national standard for outdoor professionals and those who spend significant time outside.  We partner with the original school of wilderness medicine (SOLO) to offer this experiential course that includes plenty of hands-on practice.  Time in the classroom learning concepts will be paired with simulations and scenarios outside.  Many past students report significant value in taking the course during the winter, when long-term patient care can involve additional challenges.  You can learn more about SOLO's WFR curriculum here.  

The course is open to any Harvard affiliate (and through pre-arrangement with a few related entities). We offer the course at cost.  We recognize the course is expensive, but we offer it for much cheaper than any other WFR course available on the open market. We encourage you to verify this by looking at courses at the largest vendors: SOLO, WMA, and NOLS.

Dates: January 18 - 26, 2020
Times: 8 am - 6 pm each day
Location: SOCH, 59 Shepard St, Cambridge, MA 02138
Cost: $450 ($350 for FOP leaders)