These are our FOP LEAFs—FOP Leaders of Equity, Access, and Fellowship. Feel free to turn to them with any questions or concerns that relate to inclusivity, diversity, access, and belonging in the context of FOP. You can also turn to them with application-specific questions, or just to chat. :) We love our leaders!




Luca Hinrichs 


Hello there!! I'm Luca, a sophomore concentrating in chemistry and environmental engineering. I lead my first fop trip this fall and it was so much fun!!! (even though we did have a couple oopsies...) I'd love to chat with anyone about issues of queerness, specifically trans and nonbinary identities, or anything else! Not EDI related, but I can also talk about dealing with the emergency situation we had on my fop trip in case you are nervous about dealing with that stuff. Yay fop!! :D




Maya McDougall 


Hey! I'm a sophomore in Adams house from Pennsylvania. I live on a farm and also happened to lead a FOP trip to a farm this year –– crazy stuff! I would be happy to discuss race in the context of FOP with anyone who has questions. Woohoo!






Jackson Walker


Hey everyone! My name's Jackson Walker and I'm a junior in Dunster studying appleid mathematics and global health and health policy. The intersectionality of being a low income queer person of color who enjoys hiking has been interesting and beautiful to unravel over the course of my time as a FOP leader, so feel free to email or text me about any of the above! Also feel free to just text me, I love talking!



Kira Telgen 


Hi, I'm Kira! I'm a (super?) senior in Cabot concentrating in Social Studies. There are no mountains in Florida and my family certainly didn't have the money to visit any, so it wasn't until I got to Harvard that I was able to really enjoy and experience the outdoors. Leading FOP has had such a positive impact on me and I want everyone to feel as though they can make the FOP community their own. I'd love to chat with you about anything - being uncomfortable in/inexperience with the outdoors, being low-income, gender dynamics on FOP, having previously applied for FOP but not having gotten it, concerns with leading first-years when you still feel new to Harvard yourself, what it's like to lead after taking time off - anything. Or if you just wanna hang and distract me from my thesis, that works too!



Franklin Civantos


What's up, y'all. I'm a junior from Miami living in Pfoho (quad is love, quad is life) studying Econ and Ethnicity, Migration, and Rights. Aside from being a FOP leader to 9 beautiful FOPpers, I am involved with the Cuban American Undergraduate Students Association, so I'd be happy to speak with any Latinx individuals about diversity and inclusion at FOP. I became a FOP leader last year and led an intermediate backpacking trip. Of all the activities I do on campus, FOP has been perhaps the most rewarding, so y'all are in the right place. Also, if you're someone who fidgets, then learning how to make cool knots is huuuuge. My favorite meal on FOP is Gado Gado, but I made really bad Gado Gado for my FOPpers this year because our stove broke on the last day, so I'd love to talk about food, but maybe go to someone else for help making it! Except pancakes. I love making pancakes.

Happy to talk to anyone about FOP, life, or both!




Ella Frigyik 


Hi! I'm Ella, a junior in Pfoho studying Integrative Biology. I'm an international student from Nairobi, Kenya - so if you're international, hit me up! If you aren't international (there aren't too many of us), still hit me up! Other than international things, happy to discuss race, sexuality, and mental health in the context of FOP. 





Rick Li


HELLO!! My name is Rick, and as advertised, I am a LEAF! Being on my FOP trip and later becoming a leader were and continue to be the most meaningful experiences I have had at Harvard. They remind me daily what it means to embrace growth, guide and give space, and hold others with love and care. 

I'm happy to chat about anything FOP or Harvard-related (LGBTQ experiences in FOP, coming from the Midwest, and my campaign to permanently install peach melba tea cake in the dining halls, to name a few). :~)



Emma Humphrey 


Hello! My name is Emma and I am a junior studying Applied Math with Computer Science. I freaking love FOP, and consider my training trip and the trip I led this past fall to be my favorite experiences in college thus far. I also recognize that FOP is incredibly daunting both mentally and physically (!) and as somebody with no formal outdoors experience outside of my own FOP trip, I was hesitant to apply. I would love to talk about why being an amazing FOP leader has nothing to do with being able to name a single New Hampshire peak above 4000', how to reconcile socioeconomic status with traditional groups of people in the outdoors, and building confidence managing people in tricky situations, both for FOP and in general :)



Kal Wang


Hi there! My name is Kal and I'm a senior living in Lev. I joined FOP as a first-year, and I'm so grateful for the challenging and rewarding experiences it's given me through developing my leadership and building relationships. Before participating in and leading FOP, I had never spent a night in the woods, and I could count the number of times I'd hiked on one hand. I'd be happy to talk to people who have qualms about the outdoors as someone who joined FOP having almost no experience. Leading FOP has given me space to reflect on my experience as a woman of color in the outdoors, and I'd be happy to have convos with you about the intersection of race, gender, and the outdoors. Please please reach out if you have any questions at all! Or if you just wanna chat more generally about FOP :) 



Andrew Aoyama


My name is Andrew, and I would be so happy to talk all things FOP with you! Here at Harvard, I'm concentrating in History & Literature and Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations. I love reading and writing, doing stuff outside, and spending time with friends. Ask me about diversity and inclusion efforts within the leader community and FOP's role in building resilient communities on campus!





Conlan Olson 


My name is Conlan and I'm from Minneapolis, Minnesota. I'm a junior studying math and computer science. FOP has been the most important community for me on campus for the last couple of years, with no exaggeration. I'm passionate about making the growth experiences, community, and pure joy that FOP can provide available to everyone. You can usually find me psetting in a dining hall or going to the Quad even though I don't live there. I'm excited to get to meet y'all and happy to chat about anything and everything!




Nish Sinha


Hi! I'm Nish (the fish), a current Junior in Mather and I LOVE FOP! FOP has been a wonderfully fun and inclusive way to make a lot of new friends, learn how to be a leader, and have many cool outdoor experiences. One of my favorite FOP memories was seeing the stars after fuzzy cheesecake on my last FOP trip. Last year, I almost didn't apply for FOP because I was scared I wasn't "outdoorsy" or "athletic" enough. I didn't think I could fit the description of a leader in the outdoors. But, learning how to be a FOP leader has taught me that leadership comes in all forms, and that the outdoors is a space for everyone, regardless of background. FOP has really shown me that I have the ability to learn outdoors and leadership skills, and more than anything that I belong. If you have any concerns/questions/fears about inclusivity and belonging in FOP and other outdoors communities, I would love to talk to you more. I'd also love to talk about any questions you have regarding gender inclusivity on FOP. So stoked to welcome you to the FOP family and for more fun outdoor adventures! :)




Jocelyn Wang


I am a sophomore in Pfoho concentrating in OEB! I have two dogs and three siblings, and I'm from Newton, MA. I love to talk about all things FOP, whether it be training, leading, or the community as it functions during the year. If you have any questions regarding my experience race, gender, experience in the outdoors, and how these interacted with my experience on FOP and in the community, please reach out! I also love Crocs, Trader Joes, 2000s hits, and the Quad, so hit me up if you wanna chat about any or all of the above!


Amelia Roth-Dishy


Hi! I am Amelia, I take she/her/hers, and I am super passionate about making the FOP community as inclusive and responsive to our collective needs as possible. Also, I have never changed my shirt on a FOP trip and I stand by my choices. (woodsy is a scent) I'm happy to talk about all things FOP-related, but hit me up specifically with any questions related to LGBTQ+ inclusivity/accessibility on FOP and best practices for a trauma-informed trip!  Xo



Lilla Gabrieli


Hi future FOP leaders! My name is Lilla, and I'm from a far off city called Boston (maybe you've heard of it?). I'd never gone hiking before FOP, but am so happy I applied to be a leader! Please reach out with any questions or just to chat!