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Wondering about leading FOP? See why you should here!
The application to be a 2019 FOP leader trainee is now closed. Congratulations to this year's training class!


The 2019 FOP Leader application is posted below and will be due at 11:59 PM on December 11th. Applicants are asked to provide two letters of evaluation from people who have observed them in a position of leadership or responsibility. Evaluations are due 11:59 PM on December 20th and can be submitted here.

There are two documents below. The first document contains a cover letter describing the position of a FOP leader and the application questions. The second document is a response form that applicants should use to respond to the questions. Once their application is complete, applicants can submit their application by uploading their response form file through an online form on OrgSync.  


During the second step of our selection process, applicants will be invited to interview with the Steering Committee. We will be informing applicants as to whether they have been selected to interview at the start of the spring semester. Specific instructions about the interview are forthcoming.


Inquiries about logistics, especially training dates, the selection process, or requirements, should be directed to the Steering Committee. Steering Committee will be holding office hours throughout the semester. Applicants can also email FOP's Steering Committee at with any questions.

The cover letter, application questions, and response form are below. Please have evaluators submit evaluations here. Use this submission form to submit your application (be sure to use the response form below to format your application). 

NOTE: One of the training dates has been recently updated. Please redownload the updated Cover Letter and Application if you downloaded it before November 24, 2018. 

FOP Cover Letter & Application 2019.pdf142 KB
Application Response Form 2019.docx17 KB